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Testing Services

The Student Success Center administers several tests to new students for course placement purposes. Some assessments may be waived with equivalent ACT scores or transfer credit. If you are unsure if you need testing, contact the Student Success Center to determine if you need an assessment 419-755-4764.



Compass Assessment

Contact the Student Success Center at 419-755-4764 to schedule an appointment to take the COMPASS.

All new students are evaluated in three areas:

  • Reading
    May be waived with an ACT Reading score of 21 and above or transfer credit for ENGL1010 (ENG101)
  • Writing
    May be waived with an ACT English score of 18 and above or transfer credit for ENGL1010 (ENG101)
  • Mathematics
    May be waived with an ACT Math score of 21 and above or transfer credit for any of the following: MATH1010, MATH1030, MATH1050, or MATH1110 (MTH121, MTH122, MTH130, MTH130)

This assessment is best completed before the student enrolls in any classes, but must be taken before completing 13 credit hours of classes. The COMPASS assessment must be completed before any of the following courses can be taken: READ0080, WRIT0090, MATH0070, MATH0072, MATH0074, MATH0086, MATH1010, MATH1030, MATH1050, and MATH1110, STAT1000, STAT1010, or STAT1030.  Other courses may also have math or English pre-requisite requirements.

Students who have already completed an associates's degree or bachelor's degree may not be required to take the COMPASS. Contact the Admissions Office to see if previous credit can be applied towards this assessment.

Note: The first COMPASS test for each student is FREE, however, effective May 1, 2012, a Non-Refundable fee of $25 applies to any COMPASS retest (not taken in conjunction with a Boot Camp or the Solutions Program).

To register for COMPASS Retest:

  1. Schedule a COMPASS retest appointment by calling 419-755-4764.
  2. Take the completed COMPASS Retest Payment Form and $25 payment to Cashier's Office .
  3. Present the "paid" COMPASS Retest Payment Form to the Student Success Center when you arrive for your retest appointment.

English and Math Boot Camps are designed to help students prepare before retesting, and are offered prior to each new semester at a cost of $25, which include between 8 and 12 hours of instruction and your COMPASS retest. A great way to save time and money! >>more

Questions? Contact the Student Success Center 419-755-4764.



Compass Preparation

When should you prepare?

  • Before taking the COMPASS
  • Save time and money by preparing for the COMPASS before testing. This can help avoid taking unnecessary classes as well as save on the need to retest.


Ways to Prepare for the COMPASS

Online COMPASS Preparation

Use any of the following sites for practice and review of Reading, Writing, or Math

Learning Express Library
Access Practice ACT tests through the Learning Express Library by visiting Ohio Means Jobs
Follow these steps:
  • Click on Online Training
  • Click on Access Learning Express Anonymously (or login with your existing account)
  • Click Continue
  • Click on College Test Preparation
Choose any of the following:
  • ACT Reading Practice Tests
  • ACT Math Practice Tests
  • ACT Writing Practice Tests
Be sure to review the suggestions for any questions missed.


Reading & Writing

Simple explanations and short example mini-tests with answers for both Reading and Writing:

Practice test and explanations of the answers and study tips:

Simple prefixes and suffixes for understanding common unfamiliar words:

Test taking tips and suggestions:


Pre-Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry:

Geometry, Mean/Median, Percents:


Graphing, Prime Factorization, Percents, Word Problems:

Polynomials, Geometry, Graphing:



Computer Literacy (CIS) Assessment

By Appointment Only!

This assessment will take about 45 - 60 minutes to complete. To make an appointment, contact the Student Success Center in Kee Hall, room 136 or call 419-755-4764.

Your skills will be tested in two separate areas - keyboarding and four computer skills areas - Internet, E-mail, Windows XP, and Word 2007 (See below for a detailed list of the tasks that students need to carry out in the assessment).

Successful completion of the Computer Literacy Assessment satisfies two requirements:

  • Keyboarding
    A Keyboarding score of at least 24 net words per minute satisfies this requirement
  • CISS1020 – Introduction to Computers
    A Computer Skills score of at least 34/40 or 85% satisfies this requirement

The Computer Literacy Assessment requires you to understand and be able to perform tasks on the computer in four skills areas as follows:

Internet Explorer

  • Use hyperlink to go to another web page
  • Navigate using back/forward buttons
  • Display specific web site by web address
  • Copy Text or pictures from web page
  • Go to a Favorite using Favorites Bar or List
  • Set your Home page
  • Find previously visited pages by using History or Address bar
  • Create new Tab or Close Tab
  • Change view size using Zoom function

Email (Outlook)

  • Open an Attachment
  • Display unread email
  • Display unread email with an attachment
  • Create new email
  • Send email to recipient using "cc" (carbon copy)
  • Reply to an email
  • Send an email to "Contact" from "Address Book"
  • Send an email to "Contact Group"
  • Attach a document to an email
  • Sort email by sent from, subject, date sent

Windows 7

  • Close a program
  • Close a window
  • Display contents of a specific drive/folder
  • Minimize or Reactivate a window
  • Create a new folder
  • Move a file into a folder using drag method
  • Rename a file or folder
  • Open or Close a file
  • Switch programs
  • Start a program


Word 2010

  • Open a document
  • Save a document
  • Save a file using existing name, location
  • Use "Save As" function to save in new location
  • Set margins
  • Change text to Bold
  • Change font style or size of font
  • Copy text
  • Paste Text in different location
  • Use Print and Print Preview functions


Want to practice your computer skills before taking the assessment or before retesting? The Learning Express Library has free online tutorials to improve your computer skills:

Students will have one (1) opportunity to take the Computer Literacy Computer Skills portion of the assessment, free of charge. Any student wishing to retest on the 4 core competencies - Internet, Email, Windows, and Word processing - must get approval from the Student Success Center, make an appointment, and pay a retest fee of $15.00 to the cashier prior to retesting.

Computer Literacy Assessment Retest Form



TEAS V Entrance Test

The TEAS V is required for admission to:

  • Associate Degree Nursing
  • Practical Nursing Certificate
  • Radiological Sciences
  • Respiratory Therapy

The test is a 4-hour assessment that requires prior registration and fee payment at the Cashier's Office, room 155 Fallerius.




NC State Make-Up Exam Proctoring Services

As a service to North Central State students, the college provides proctoring services for making up NC State Exams, free of charge.

Make-up Exam Proctoring Services are offered:

Walk-in on Friday from 8:30AM - 11:30AM
By appointment on Monday - Thursday


Below are links to the electronic forms which can be used

to request NC State Make-Up Exam Services:

Online Make-Up Exam Request Form and Exam Upload


Printable Make-Up Exam Request Form

For questions regarding NC State Make-Up Exam Services, please call Kendra Moots at 419-755-4736 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Non-NC State Proctoring Services

As a service to the students of other educational institutions, North Central State College can be utilized as a proctoring site for non-NC State exams or COMPASS placement assessment for admission to another college. A $25 fee applies to each exam or COMPASS assessment appointment.* Please contact the Proctoring Department at least five (5) business days prior to your exam due date to ensure sufficient time for all examination materials to be delivered, as well as individual proctor availibility. 

Below is a link to the electronic form used to request Non NC Proctoring Services:

Non-NC Proctoring Services Request Form:

For questions regarding Non-NC State Proctoring Services, please call Kendra Moots at 419-755-4736 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Franklin University students are not required to pay for Proctoring Services up front, as their institution is billed for this service at the end of each semester.



Learning Disability Assessment

If you have a student who is currently registered with the Office of Disability Services and need to request exam proctoring services, please use the link below.  You may also contact Doug Heestand directly at 419-755-4727, or send exams via interoffice mail to KH-3.

If you know or feel you have a learning disability and you would like to receive assistance through the Office of Disability Services, but you do not have recent (within 3yrs) documentation that shows that you have a learning disability, you will need to complete a Learning Disability Assessment.

This assessment requires fee payment and a scheduled appointment. Please contact the Coordinator of Disability Services for more information.






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