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Student Success Center FAQs


Students are welcome to come to the Student Success Center to make an appointment face to face, or call 419-755-4764 to schedule over the phone. 

Most services are available free of charge to currently enrolled students.




New Student Survival Kit
New Student
Survival Kit

What you should know to survive the first year of college









Mission Statement

The Student Success Center will provide assessment, quality advising, and support services to help all North Central State College students achieve their personal academic goals.

Helping Students Succeed

The Student Success Center offers an array of services aimed at helping students succeed in their academic careers at North Central State College, including:

Academic Advising

Need advice about planning your classes, dropping a class, changing your major, how to get into an application pool for a health program, or just about anything else? Student Success Coaches are on hand in the Student Success Center throughout the semester as well as between semesters to be of assistance to students.



The Student Success Center administers several tests to new students for course placement purposes. Some assessments may be waived with equivalent ACT scores or transfer credit.


Career Information

Need help choosing a career path?

Working on your career project for FYEX class?

Looking for work?


Class Registration

Need help signing up for classes?  Are you still working to complete READ0080, WRIT 0090, or ENG1010 or MATH 0070, MATH0072, MATH0074, or your first college level math course?  Call 419-755-4764 to make an appointment with a Success Coach!

Is this your first semester or your first semester back in more than 1 year?  New and returning (not attending for 1 or more years) students, please make an appointment by calling 419-755-4764.

Disability Services

For students who require accommodations to be made in conjunction with a documented disability.

Learning Disability Assessment - learning disability evaluation


Free Personal Counseling

Counseling is available to help students dealing with crises in their personal lives that are interfering with academic progress.



Need a little extra help with your coursework outside of the classroom?  We offer FREE:


    Student Success Center Office

Kee Hall
Room 136

Student Success Center Staff Button Meet Our Staff


Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm by appointment




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TRIO Student Support Services
TRIO is a federally funded grant program through the U.S. Department of Education. We serve eligible North Central State College students and offer many services, including: Academic Advising, Tutorial Services, Career and Personal Advising, and more.


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