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For Emergencies
call 911

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Security at 


Weather Closing
Students will be notified through the Mansfield Alert System if the college decides to close. An announcement will also be made on the college website and local media.


Escort Service
Campus Security will escort people to their cars upon request.


Disturbed or Disruptive

Helpful tips on what to do when you encounter an individual whose behavior is disruptive or who seems very distressed.


Suicidal Students
Helpful tips on what to do when you encounter an individual who may be suicidal.


Ferpa (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) Information
Explains students rights with respect to their educational records.


Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act Information
Statement advising the campus community where law enforcement agency information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained.


Drug-Free Schools and Communites Act
Federal law requires the College to implement this comprehensive substance and alcohol abuse policy.


Safety & Security

The campus employs a security force that serves both North Central State College and OSU-Mansfield. The Campus Security Office is located in Riedl Hall room 161. At this time, there are 6 security staff members to serve the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security staff members are trained in CPR/AED and First Aid.

The James W. Kehoe Center for Advanced Learning (Kehoe Center) in Shelby employs six in-house Security/Maintenance staff along with contracted security services. The Security Office is located on the first floor at the Shelby facility in room 100. The Shelby Police Department is the primary contact for police matters relative to the Kehoe Center.

The Security Department works closely with local and state law enforcement agencies to provide optimum services to the NC State/OSU-Mansfield Campus. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is the campus’ primary contact for police matters.

Security Officers

Security officers promote the safety of persons and property on campus. They enforce both federal and state laws regulating underage drinking, use of controlled substances, weapons, and all other incidents requiring police assistance. The possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages (without legal permit) and/or illegal drugs is prohibited. Violations of this policy will be enforced. Officers patrol the campus 24 hours each day using marked security cars and foot patrols. Kehoe Center security staff use foot patrols to supervise that site. Our officers do not have arrest powers. They report police incidents to the appropriate law enforcement agency, assist in investigating traffic collisions, and assist in response to fires and medical emergencies. They will escort people to their cars upon request.

The Campus

The campus houses two institutions: North Central State College (with approximately 3,500 students) and The Ohio State University at Mansfield (with approximately 1,600 students). Both institutions offer day and evening courses.

OSU-M employs 164 faculty and staff; NC State employs 350. Those involved in keeping the campus safe work in offices such as Campus Security, Department of Physical Plant, Housing, and Campus Life, which coordinates the drug and alcohol awareness program.

Personal Responsibility

Crime prevention is the responsibility of the individual student or employee. While we make every effort to keep the campus safe by making sure grounds are well-lit, well-patrolled, and well-traveled, crime does occur. The campus publishes crime statistics so that students, faculty, staff, and visitors will be aware of the potential for crime. We subscribe to the philosophy that publicizing crime and campus safety information will only help make the campus safer.

Campus Polices for Reporting Crime or Emergencies

OSU-M/NC State encourages prompt, accurate reporting of crimes or suspicious incidents. Crimes, suspicious incidents, minor illness, or minor personal injury should be reported to Security by dialing 419-755-4346 or 4218. Students and staff at the Kehoe Center in Shelby should make these reports by dialing 419-755-5692 or 419-755-4855. At either location, critical and life threatening emergencies should be reported by dialing 911.

The Campus Security Office prepares the annual disclosure of Campus Crime Statistics. The data is obtained from campus security reports and the appropriate police departments.

Timely Warning Policy

The campus maintains a Timely Warning Policy to notify the campus community of reportable crime (including hate crimes), that have been reported to campus security authorities or local police agencies and that are considered by the institutions to represent a threat to students and employees. All crimes should be reported to Campus Security for the purpose of making timely warnings and the annual statistical disclosure. The Office of Campus Security will disseminate a timely warning to the campus community by using “Crime Alert” posters, e-mail, the campus newsletter, local news media and/or other mailings, as appropriate.

The campus does not accommodate confidential reporting. Since Ohio law provides that an individual who has personal knowledge of a felony and who fails to report that felony commits a crime, it is not feasible for NC State or OSU-M to implement this practice.


 Security Office

Main Campus:
161 Riedl Hall
419-755-4218 -OR- 419-755-4346


Certificate Request

Parking Policy
Information about parking a vehicle on campus.

Certificate Request

Campus Safety and Security
Contains information about campus security including information about the escort service and important phone numbers. Also includes Crime Statistics.

Certificate Request

Code of Student Conduct
Student rights and responsibilities; as well as a system for handling the disciplinary process at the college.

Certificate Request

Release of Information
Form for students to give consent to release educational records to employers, agencies, other colleges, etc.

Certificate Request

Communication Information Form
Form to use to report a conduct or behavioral activity.

Certificate Request

Student Complaint Form (use Internet Explorer)
For use with Initiating a Student Complaint (Non-Discrimination or Harassment) Policy No: 15-021 Policy