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The North Central State College catalog is neither a contract nor an offer to contract. North Central State College reserves the right to make changes in any material contained herein as deemed necessary without notice.
MFGT 1010 - Industrial Blueprint Reading 2.0 Credits; 1.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours Blueprint interpretation is a core skill for Engineers and Apprentices. Students will learn the fundamentals of orthographic projection, arrangement of views, application of dimensions and tolerances, machining and finishing processes, and more. Materials presented conform to the latest ANSI standards and ISO specifications. Sample prints in both standard and metric format. Course Syllabus
MFGT 1110 - Manufacturing Processes 3.0 Credits; 2.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours This course offers an introduction to manufacturing methods and basic machine tool operation. Students will be provided the background needed to read and interpret technical drawings and proper use of a variety of inspection and measuring tools. Students will also develop and use shop documents such as job plans and blueprints. Lab activities include Soldering, Electroplating, CNC Engraving, Mold making, Polymer Resin and Sheet Metal fabrication. Diligent attention is given to safety in the modern manufacturing environment. OET010 Manufacturing Processes Course Syllabus
MFGT 1120 - Advanced Machining 2.0 Credits; 1.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours This course builds on the basic skills presented in MFGT1110. Students who complete this course will focus on the NIMS certification exams available for Vertical Milling, Drill Press, Grinding, and Turning Operations including chucking and between centers. Focus will be on safety throughout the course. Prerequisite(s): Take MFGT-1110, MECT-1150 Course Syllabus
MFGT 1300 - Welding and Welding Equipment 2.0 Credits; 1.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours This course covers the equipment and techniques associated with the welding and cutting processes most widely used in industry today. Topics include Oxy-fuel, SMAW, GTAW, Robotics applications, Laser welding, and others. Print reading and weld testing methods are also included. Diligent attention is given to personal and fire safety during lab activities. Course Syllabus
MFGT 1640 - Computer Aided Manufacturing I 2.0 Credits; 1.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours Students will use simulation software to verify programs written in G and M codes. HAAS mill and lathe trainers will be used in conjunction with a HAAS CNC Mill for select lab exercises. Students will complete supporting documents such as lettered prints, tool drawings, set up sheets and code. Prerequisite(s): Take MFGT-1110, MATH-1050 Course Syllabus
MFGT 2010 - Jig and Fixture Design 3.0 Credits; 2.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours Tool design is the process of designing and developing the tools, methods, and techniques necessary to improve manufacturing efficiency and productivity. Students use Solid Modeling software to design tools used in fabricating, welding, and inspection applications. Tool design is an ever-changing, growing process of creative problem solving which addresses quality and economy to produce a competitive product to solve manufacturing situations. Prerequisite(s): Take MFGT-1110, MECT-1150 Course Syllabus
MFGT 2100 - Quality Control and Spc 2.0 Credits; 2.0 Lecture Hours This course covers basic manufacturing concepts of Quality Control, SPC (Statistical Process Control), Lean Manufacturing, and other principles, objectives and influencing factors of production control. Students learn about planning and scheduling applications as well. Students may take NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills) certification exam in Materials, Measurement and Safety. Course Syllabus
MFGT 2200 - Polymers & Industrial Plastics 2.0 Credits; 1.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours This course covers basic applications of plastics in products and industry. Learn how different plastics are processed, and common and unusual plastic components and products how they are manufactured. Green applications are also introduced. Design applications are created using solid modeling programs such as Autodesk Inventor, and the prototype design process. Course Syllabus
MFGT 2250 - Press Technology and Die Design 3.0 Credits; 2.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours This course is designed to give students knowledge of press operations. An overview of standard frame structures and press accessories including stock feeders and de-coilers, as well as new press technology and current developments in the stamping industry will be presented. The second part of the course covers material strips, sheet metal models, die design, and tonnage calculations. Students will use solid modeling software to develop and troubleshoot die designs. Prerequisite(s): Take MFGT-2010, MFGT-1110 Course Syllabus
MFGT 2510 - Fundamentals of Light & Lasers 2.0 Credits; 1.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours Light plays a central role in our daily lives. Laser applications including CD players, digital cameras, bar code scanners, solar power and fiber-optics are introduced in this course. A growing and developing area of technology, Photonics applications are expanding in modern manufacturing. Fundamental information is covered in this course. Prerequisite(s): Take MATH-1050, PHYS-1010 Course Syllabus
MFGT 2520 - Elements of Photonics with NANO 2.0 Credits; 1.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours This course covers the operational characteristics of lasers. Lasers are very useful in areas such as material processing, measurement, laser sensing and imaging, medicine, military apps, entertainment and holography. Solid state technology and applications of NANO technology is also introduced in this course. Prerequisite(s): Take MFGT-2510 Course Syllabus
MFGT 2640 - Computer Aided Manufacturing II 2.0 Credits; 1.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours Students will build on fundamental programming skills and knowledge of machine tools to write programs using MASTERCAM X5 for milling and turning machines. CAD/CAM/CNC combines CAD skills to create geometry with CAM software to generate G and M codes for fabrication of parts on CNC machine tools. Students will have the option to test for NIMS certifications in CNC disciplines. Prerequisite(s): Take MFGT-1640 Course Syllabus
MFGT 2910 - Manufacturing Technology Project 2.0 Credits; 1.0 Lecture Hours; 2.0 Lab Hours This course brings together the course work and learning experiences from the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology program. Each student will select and develop a manufacturing design project, with instructor approval, to be completed following the procedures presented. Students will apply accepted Principles of Project Management from inception to completion of the project. Prerequisite(s): Take MFGT-1120 and MFGT-2640. Take 1 course from MFGT-2100, MFGT-2250, or MFGT-2520 Course Syllabus
MFGT 2999 - Special Topics in Manufacturing 1.0 Credits; 1.0 Lecture Hours This course presents a specific topic in Manufacturing Engineering Technology that is normally not covered in the current Tool & Die Technology. Credit hours (1-3) and topics will be pre-approved by the academic administration. Course Syllabus




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