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PSYC 1010 - Introduction to Psychology 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours Introduction to Psychology is an introductory level course and is a study of the basic human behavior. Topics include the history of psychology, scientific methods, biological processes, cognitive processes, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, intelligence, human development, personality theory, psychopathology and treatment, stress and health, and social psychology. Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 1070 - Introduction to Women's Studies 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours This course is an introductory course to familiarize learners with some of the major questions, themes, and issues in the study of women. This course will focus on the scientific study of female behavior, including personality, biological, psychological and cultural determinants of women's role in society. It will also discuss historical perspectives that have shaped and continue to shape women's lives as well as how women have resisted and continue to resist these very institutions, practices and representations. Topics discussed will include sexuality, gender development, sexism, women's multiple roles and relationships and violence against women. Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 1090 - Death and Dying 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours This course will focus on why and how people experience loss, death and grief. We will investigate the ideas of Kubler-Ross and others and expand our exploration to include the Eastern and Judeo-Christian perspectives. In addition, we will consider a variety of sources of grief (death, divorce, alcoholism, birth of a handicapped child, life-threatening illnesses, etc.) and how people react to such events. Required Prerequisite(s): Take PSYC-1010; Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 1999 - Psychology Elective 1 Lecture Hours This course is used for transfer purposes only, may be used more than once.Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 2010 - Human Growth and Development 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours This course presents an overview of the total life span of human growth and development from conception through old age. It begins with a study of the major theories of human development and includes an examination of the dynamics of human growth in five areas: physical, intellectual, personality, social and moral. The developmental tasks and behavioral characteristics of eight stages of human growth are examined, ending with a brief treatment of death and dying. Required Prerequisite(s): Take PSYC-1010 Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 2030 - Child Psychology 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours Child psychology is a study of the biological, social, affective, and cognitive aspects of the development of children from conception to adolescence. The implications of this development for present and future behaviors are presented. The research, principles, concepts, and theories of child psychology are emphasized. Required Prerequisite(s): Take PSYC-1010 Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 2050 - Abnormal Psychology 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours This course will examine the definition, classification, origin, and treatment of abnormal behavior. Categories of disorders discussed will include personality, anxiety, mood, somatoform, dissociative, sexual, psychotic, developmental- related and addictive disorders. Research methodology in abnormal psychology, historical perspective, the assessment process, ethical issues and use of the DSM will also be emphasized. Required Prerequisite(s): Take PSYC-1010; Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 2070 - Human Sexuality 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours Human Sexuality is a survey course of the current thinking in the field of human sexual behavior and includes an examination of the development of contemporary attitudes about, as well as the biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of human sexuality. Topics are addressed from various perspectives (cognitive-behavioral, social, cultural and biological) and include homosexuality, pornography, sexually transmitted disease, early sexual learning, adult sexual lifestyles, sexual dysfunction and disorders, and treatment. Required Prerequisite(s): Take PSYC-1010 Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 2090 - Social Psychology 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours Social psychology addresses the interactions of individuals within social environments, as well as cultural components which impact behavior, thoughts, motives, and emotions. The following topics shall also be examined: attitudes, attributions, social identity, social perception, social cognition, prejudice and discrimination, obedience to authority, conformity, aggression, prosocial behavior, interpersonal attraction and behavior in groups. An overview of the background and research components related to this specialization will also be covered. Required Prerequisite(s): Take PSYC-1010 Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 2100 - Personality Theory 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours This course presents a brief historical and methodology study of personality. A number perspectives on personality will be introduced and include a discussion of several of the major schools of thought within the field of personality theory: psychoanalytic/Freudian, neo-Freudian, biological, humanistic, cognitive, trait, and behavioral. Discussion of theories includes historical context, research viability, clinical pathology and therapy, and personality assessments developed from the theory. Required Prerequisite(s): Take PSYC-1010 Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 2150 - Educational Psychology 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours Educational psychology examines theories of development, learning, and motivation, and similarities and differences in learners and learner populations. Effective instructional strategies and assessment techniques will be examined.Required Prerequisite(s): Take PSYC-1010 Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 2170 - Forensic Psychology 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours This course will examine the relationship between psychology and different components of the criminal justice system. An introduction to the field of forensic psychology will be provided and examination of some different types of criminal behavior will occur. Applications of psychological principles to the resolution of problems within the criminal justice field will also be explored.Required Prerequisite(s): Take PSYC-1010 Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 2900 - Psychology Capstone 1 Credits; 1 Lecture Hours This course will assist students transitioning from the community college experience to a four-year educational institution. Students will integrate the knowledge and skills acquired in their general education experiences with those developed in their program specific courses to engage in projects that require them to: think critically about their prior education, explore future academic and career-related paths, and develop skills to enhance their success. Such projects may include research papers, presentations, and/or portfolio development.Required Prerequisite(s): Must have completed 45 credit hours. Availability | Similar | Syllabus
PSYC 2999 - Special Topics in Psychology 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours Special Topics in Psychology - A particular topic or combination of topics will be covered when there is sufficient student interest. Students will be expected to contribute to discussions on the basis of readings in the selected areas. Course offered based on student interest. Course may be repeated on different topic. A specific course may be offered twice before it must be discontinued or added to the curriculum via the required Curriculum Committee process. Availability | Similar | Syllabus
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