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For Students

Before December 19th

Current students will need to clear out important emails from their GroupWise student email account. 

How to Clean Out Your
GroupWise Email Box

Week Ending December 19th

Returning Students will need to check their old GroupWise student email account for any new announcements from NC State College.

Week of December 29th

New Login Instructions

  • New Office 365 Email System will begin for students.
  • Student password synchronization will take place.  Your password for MyNC, Canvas, My Password Services, and Office 365 Email will be RESET to the new format even if you are a returning student.  New Student Information brochures will be posted at the main entrances of each building in November.  Usernames will not be changed.
  • After December 24th you will not be able to send or receive emails from the old GroupWise student email system, however you will be able to view the old email system from.  Your username and password WILL NOT CHANGE for GroupWise email access.

More information coming soon!


For Employees

Week of December 29th

Beginning the week of December 29th your Desktop, Outlook, Email, My Services, Encore, MyNC, Canvas and My Password Services will use the same username and password to login.

More Information



















Help Documents & Tutorials

This page has links to the latest help documents and tutorials. If you are looking for contact details for a person or office, try Student Services or the Directory.



Lastest Additions

MyNC: How to Register for Classes

How to Register for Classes


Description: Find out how to register for classes using MyNC. This video covers MyNC  login, username, password, registering for classes, class search and class availability.

Video 3:31 minutes


MyNC: Dropping A Class

Dropping A Class


Description: Find out how to drop a class using MyNC. This video covers login to MyNC, My Registration Worksheet, dropping a class, and printing My Class Schedule.

Video 2:44 minutes


MyNC: Printing Your Class Schedule

Printing your Class Schedule and Bill


Description: Find out how to print your class schedule using MyNC. This video covers My Class Schedule, Account Summary by Term and Bill Balance.

Video 1:24 minutes


New Student Orientation

Scheduling and Orientation Video


Description:  Review all New Student information including getting books, student ID, paying fees, and accessing student email and Canvas.

Video 15:13 minutes



New Student Information Booklet
New Student Information Booklet PDF

Description:  Booklet used by the Student Success Center for new students with general information about the college.



Still can't find it?

Try the A-Z site index. If you are looking for contact details for a person or office, try Student Services or the Directory.