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S2S How to Apply
  1. Complete the S2S Application for Admission. It must be signed by the student and parent/guardian.Seniors to Sophomores (S2S) Application for Admission
  2. Complete the High School Information Form. It must be signed by the high school guidance counselor or principal. Contact the S2S Coordinator to obtain the form.
  3. Provide an official high school transcript.



Contact Information
Dave Cardwell
S2S Coordinator, NCSC
2441 Kenwood Circle
Mansfield, Ohio 44901
email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: 419-755-4732

Seniors to Sophomores Program (S2S)

A dual credit/dual enrollment program which enables academically qualified high school seniors to earn both high school and college credit at the same time. Students who participate in Seniors to Sophomores will be enrolled and attend North Central State College, and will have the opportunity to earn a year's worth of both high school and college credit (at least 24 semester hours) at no cost to the student. A participating student will be a full time college student taking all classes on the college campus.

Student Responsibility

The following is a list of the responsibilities of S2S students:

  • attendance at all class sessions is expected. NCSC course material covered in 16 weeks (1 semester) is equivalent to what is normally covered in that subject during the entire school year at the high school. Therefore it is expected that the students will attend all classes. If a student becomes ill and cannot make it to class, the student must email or call the instructor. For a more serious illness or hospitalization where the student will be missing more than one or two days, the postsecondary advisor should be notified as well as the instructors. Special note about school closings: Even if the high school should close due to weather or other reasons, student in the S2S program are expected to attend their classes at NCSC. Please see campus closing;
  • it is expected that students will be full time students for each  of enrollment. At NCSC full time means enrolled in 12 hours or more credit per quarter. Requests to drop classes which would bring the student's credits to below 12 may not be favorably reviewed. Students will not be permitted to drop a course that is required for high school graduation;
  • students will be accountable for their behavior and grades. If a student fails a postsecondary course that is needed for high school graduation, the student may not be able to graduate from high school. It is the responsibility of the student to know and follow the NCSC Student Code of Conduct;
  • if a student is placed on academic probation at the postsecondary institution, the student must meet all conditions of academic probation or risk the option of being dismissed from the postsecondary institution. Dismissal could jeopardize high school graduation;
  • students will activate their campus email account and will check it daily. Email communication is the standard on the NCSC standard;
  • many courses at NCSC require the student to participate in the Canvas course management system. This is a web site where instructors post assignments, hold online discussions, and maintain grades.
Miscellaneous Information
  • Transportation to or from the NCSC campus will not be provided. Parking on campus is free and a parking pass is not required;
  • Campus housing is NOT available;
  • S2S students are eligible for student discounts;
  • Students and parents will sign a Memorandum of Understanding summarizing the information provided on this website.
S2S Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet the following criteria:

  • begin their senior year enrolled as a college student;
  • have completed high school Algebra II with a C or higher;
  • have completed three units of high school English with a C or higher;
  • received passing scores on all parts of the OGT;


  • achieve a score of 18 or higher on the reading portion of the ACT or 80 on the reading portion of the Compass Assessment (administered by NCSC);
  • achieve a score of 22 or higher on the english portion of the ACT or 81 on the writing portion of the Compass Assessment;
  • achieve a score of 23 or higher on the math portion of the ACT or 70 on the math portion of the Compass Assessment.

Satisfying these reading, writing, and math score requirements ensures that the student is ready to enroll in college level English (ENGL1010 - English Composition I) and Math (MATH1110 - College Algebra) and is therefore not required to complete developmental reading, writing, and math courses at the college.



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