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Dean's List


Click here for Dean's List for part-time students


 Criteria for Full-Time Students

The Dean's List for full-time students comes out after each semester

  • 3.50 grade-point average or better for term
  • no grade less than “C-”
  • no incomplete grades or not-reported (NR) grades
  • taking 12 or more credit hours

Students who graduate with a 3.50 grade-point average or better in all courses taken will graduate with honors.


Full-Time Students on Dean's List for Summer Semester 2015

Armstrong Alexis Mansfield Pre Nursing
Brown Molly Shiloh Criminal Justice-Associate of Applied Science
Draper Holly Mansfield Business Management-Associate of Applied Business
Gitto Angela Mansfield Business Management-Associate of Applied Business
Jagusch Eric West Salem Business Management-Associate of Applied Business
Owens Stephanie Mansfield Business Management-Associate of Applied Business
Straub Katherine Lexington Undeclared
Warner Craig Ashland Business Management-Associate of Applied Business



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  Criteria for Part-Time Students

The Dean's List for part-time students comes out
once a year after Spring Semester.


  • Earned a total of 12 or more credit hours during the academic year
  • No grade below "C-"
  • Earned a grade-point average of 3.50 or better with no unresolved incomplete grades or not-reported (NR) grades
  • Attended at least two terms during the academic year
  • Did not attend full-time for any term during the academic year


Part-Time Students on Dean's List for Summer Semester 2014
through Spring Semester 2015


Adams Hunter Plymouth Undeclared
Akuchie Naomi Mansfield Undeclared
Albright Jeremy Willard Undeclared
Andrade Viviana Willard Human Services
Baker Metchelyn Mansfield Pre Nursing
Balliett Lydia Loudonville Pre Nursing
Bargo Andrew Ashland Electronic Engineering
Barnett Brooke Norwalk Physical Therapist Assistant
Barnett Victor Mansfield Information Technology - Software Development 
Beer Jennifer Mansfield Respiratory Care
Bellomy Melissa Mansfield Human Services
Berry Roxanne Mt Vernon Human Services 
Best Megan Danville Physical Therapist Assistant
Boggs Sarah Lucas Associate of Arts - Business Admin. Focus
Bohland Hannah Grafton Physical Therapist Assistant
Booth Samantha Burbank Respiratory Care
Bower Shannon Wooster Pre Physical Therapist Assistant
Boyd Angela Mansfield Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Boyer Jason Galion Physical Therapist Assistant
Brauchler Justin Mansfield Information Technology - Networking
Braum Logan Mansfield Undeclared
Brewer Shelly Mansfield Human Services
Bright Troy Galion Physical Therapist Assistant
Brooks Barthalomew Mansfield Criminal Justice 
Brown Kimberly Wooster Paralegal Studies
Bulfinch Matthew Mansfield Information Technology - Networking
Burk Andrew Bucyrus Mechanical Engineering Technology
Butdorf Gillian Wooster Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Carothers Olivia Shelby Physical Therapist Assistant
Carpenter James Mansfield Criminal Justice
Chang Hui-Fang Wooster Physical Therapist Assistant
Chapman Andrea Creston Undeclared
Chatman Kaelee Crestline Nursing
Close Brett Shiloh Electronic Engineering
Cofer Kelli Willard Radiologic Sciences
Cole Denise Mansfield Nursing
Collins Cody Ontario Information Technology - Networking
Collins Erica Shelby Physical Therapist Assistant
Conkle Kerr Mansfield Information Technology - Networking
Conrad Jack Mansfield Undeclared
Conrad Sheree Mansfield Pre Nursing
Cornell Kenneth Mansfield Business Management
Cotton Nigel Mansfield Radiologic Sciences
Cousins Jaice Ashland Undeclared
Cover Nicholas Ashland Bioscience
Crawford Gail Wooster Occupational Therapy Assistant
Crawford Lynette Lucas Physical Therapist Assistant
Crouch Hannah Mansfield Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts Focus
Currence Kaitlyn Shreve Respiratory Care
Davis Aaron Mansfield Physical Therapist Assistant
Detillion Kelsey Nevada Associate of Science -General Studies
Dills Stephen Plymouth Manufacturing Technology
Early Joshua Hayesville Criminal Justice Law Enforcement 
Emminger Nicole Willard Human Services 
Emrich Jennifer Galion Nursing
Extine Tyler Crestline Physical Therapist Assistant
Fellure Luke Mansfield Undeclared
First Audrey Mansfield Early Childhood Education 
Frank Billie Galion Undeclared
Frazee Ciara Mansfield Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Fry Callie Butler Undeclared
Fry Emery Shelby Respiratory Care
Furr Dorothy Ontario Accounting 
Gangi Josh Shelby Physical Therapist Assistant
Garber Lynnette Mansfield Paralegal Studies
Garverick Mackenzie Bucyrus Undeclared
Garverick Madison Bucyrus Undeclared
Gault Lyndsey Ashland Pre Nursing
Gear Andrew Mansfield Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts Focus
Gearhart Benjamin Shelby Engineering Design
Gibson Jessie West Salem Undeclared
Glasgo Paula Mansfield Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Goad Caitlin Mansfield Undeclared
Goines Jeffrey Willard Physical Therapist Assistant
Gomez-Sherman Renee Mansfield Pre Nursing
Gozdziewicz Julie Ontario Criminal Justice 
Griffith Julie Mansfield Pre Nursing
Grimes Jennifer Mansfield Nursing
Grimes Kelly Mansfield Pre Nursing
Groff Anastasia Mansfield Business Management
Hale Monte Plymouth Criminal Justice 
Hardesty Debora Lexington Occupational Therapy Assistant
Harper Annie New London Associate of Science - Business Admin. Accounting Focus
Harris Ashley Nova Accounting 
Harris Tracy Ashland Pre Physical Therapist Assistant
Hart Dana Mount Vernon Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Hartge Nicole Shelby Human Services 
Hauptman William Mansfield Undeclared
Hendrickson Laura Shelby Accounting 
Hess Kayla Tiro Pre Nursing
Hessey Vanessa Bucyrus Pre Nursing
Hettick Jade Creston Undeclared
Hill Alex Mansfield Undeclared
Hlavaty Michael Jeromesville Accounting 
Hood Myron Mansfield Computer Information Systems
Hughes Michele Plymouth Health Services Technology 
Iceman Debra Ashland Information Technology - Networking
Isaac Amber Lexington Human Services
Jackenheimer Rebecca Ashland Human Services
Jacobs Whitney Plymouth Respiratory Care
Jarvis Karmel Butler Nursing
Johnson Melodie Bellville Pre Nursing
Johnston Amy Galion Health Services Technology 
Jones Diana Mount Gilead Human Services 
Jones Ryan Ashland Nursing
Kantor Kelley Shelby Human Services
Karl Michael New Washington Mechanical Engineering Technology
Keener Taylor Fredericktown Occupational Therapy Assistant
Kenison April Butler Human Services 
Kirby Brian Ashland Business Management
Kithcart De Ashland Human Services 
Knapp Steven Mansfield Physical Therapist Assistant
Knoble Matthew Loudonville Computer Information Systems
Laek Megan Bucyrus Nursing
Lancaster Amy Crestline Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Leber Lydia Monroeville Physical Therapist Assistant
Lee Priscilla Mansfield Human Services
Lehman Meagan Galion Physical Therapist Assistant
Lehman Valerie Shelby Health Services Technology
Lehman Valerie Shelby Health Services Technology 
Lewis Gerald Perrysville Computer Information Systems
Linnean Cheryl West Salem Respiratory Care
Lively Tara Mansfield Pre Nursing
Long Taylor Bellville Physical Therapist Assistant
Lucas Amanda Mansfield Early Childhood Education 
Lush Courtney Mansfield Nursing
Lusk Griffin Burbank Undeclared
Lutz Hillary Mansfield Human Services 
Lybarger Gene Howard Physical Therapist Assistant
Lykins Courtney Mansfield Accounting
Madden Sarah Mansfield Bioscience
Maibach Sydney Creston Undeclared
Marcum Daniel Mansfield Associate of Arts - Education Focus
Mathys Cynthia Ashland Accounting
May Brian Akron Physical Therapist Assistant
McCain Miranda Mansfield Bioscience
McCready Christina Mansfield Associate of Arts - Social Work Focus
McDonald James Wooster Occupational Therapy Assistant 
McGhee Kirsten Bellville Occupational Therapy Assistant 
McKinney Jordan Mansfield Undeclared
McLay Megan Shelby Occupational Therapy Assistant
Meehan Hayley Mansfield Health Services Technology 
Meister Johnna Lexington Pre Radiologic Sciences
Millard Monica Mount Gilead Physical Therapist Assistant
Miller Anthony Creston Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Miller Archie Mount Gilead Associate of Arts - Philosophy Focus
Miller Lydia Sullivan Early Childhood Education 
Minnich Nichole Mansfield Occupational Therapy Assistant
Moore Kenneth Shelby Technical Studies Major
Moore Melanie Ashland Visual Communication Graphic Design
Moreno Maria Mansfield Technical Studies Major
Moreno Sean Galion Physical Therapist Assistant
Morris Daren Ashland Information Technology - Networking
Mosley Breanna Willard Pre Nursing
Mott Jason Mansfield Criminal Justice 
Murphy-Ohler Lauren Galion Undeclared
Musick Rachel Shelby Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Newlan Letha Ashland Associate of Arts - Psychology Focus
Nixon Justin Ashland Physical Therapist Assistant
Nolen Misty Crestline Human Services
Oswalt Mariah Nashville Physical Therapist Assistant
Ousley Megan Shelby Pre Nursing
Owen Karen Mansfield Visual Communication Graphic Design
Patrick Lindsay Plymouth Radiologic Sciences
Payne Amanda Loudonville Nursing
Peak Lisa Mansfield Pre Practical Nursing
Peters Kyle Mansfield Mechanical Engineering Technology
Peters Mary Mansfield Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Picou Sydawna Bucyrus Human Services 
Pifher Corrine Mansfield Human Services 
Piroska Bryan Mansfield Physical Therapist Assistant
Ponchel Meagan Greenwich Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Putt Morgan Willard Undeclared
Rader Joy Perrysville Nursing
Ramahi Suzan Mansfield Pre Nursing
Reid Brian Mansfield Undeclared
Repp Howard Loudonville Bioscience
Richards Charles Lexington Business Management
Ritten Mitchell Mansfield Accounting 
Robertson Matthew Mansfield Nursing
Robson Joni Mansfield Business Administration Marketing
Ross Jazmyn Mansfield Paralegal Studies
Ruggles Benjamin Greenwich Undeclared
Sammons Eric Shelby Criminal Justice 
Schnees Alivea Crestline Nursing
Schott Lindsay Bucyrus Occupational Therapy Assistant
Schropp Jonah Mansfield Pre Nursing
Schuller Kristie Mansfield Bioscience
Schwan Starleen Cuyahoga Falls Associate of Arts - Psychology Focus
Sexton Tasha Mansfield Health Services Technology 
Shanteau Brittany Bellville Pre Respiratory Therapy
Shaw Lacey Mansfield Business Management
Shepherd Kurt Greenwich Industrial Technology - Integrated Engineering
Sheppard Taylor Burbank Undeclared
Sherman Dennis Mansfield Pre Nursing
Shonk Toby Galion Mechanical Engineering Technology
Sloey Alyssa Mansfield Physical Therapist Assistant
Smith Aryn Lucas Respiratory Care
Smith Diane Mansfield Accounting 
Smith Sarah Monroeville Undeclared
Snow Christopher Ashland Associate of Science -General Studies
Spear Alicia Mansfield Bioscience
Speck Craig Galion Occupational Therapy Assistant
Spencer Lisa Galion Accounting 
Stephenson Howard Mansfield Nursing
Stewart Meghan Mansfield Physical Therapist Assistant
Stitzlein Michele Loudonville Respiratory Care
Stoffer Amber Lexington Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts Focus
Strausbaugh Ashley Bucyrus Health Services Technology 
Streff Teresa Mansfield Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Strong Brian Mansfield Human Services
Taylor Cassie Mansfield Physical Therapist Assistant
Taylor Trina West Salem Occupational Therapy Assistant
Thompson Dawn Mansfield Nursing
Thompson Mindy Bellville Occupational Therapy Assistant
Thornsberry Heather Plymouth Human Services 
Toska Ilir Mansfield Manufacturing Technology
Totten Mallory Mansfield Nursing
Troxel Daniella Burbank Physical Therapist Assistant
Tucker Mark Shelby Electrical Maintenance
Valentine Megan Delaware Physical Therapist Assistant
Vanichek Jordan Willard Undeclared
Vogel Hannah Greenwich Undeclared
Walters Chad Ontario Mechanical Engineering Technology
Ward Annette Shiloh Human Services 
Waters Barbara Mansfield Visual Comunication Media & Tech
Watkins Jonathan Mansfield Undeclared
Weaver Danielle Big Prairie Pre Nursing
Webb Brenda Mansfield Criminal Justice 
Weirich Ann Bellville Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Wendling Jeffrey Mansfield Associate of Arts - Business Admin. Focus
Whisler Jenifer Mansfield Nursing
Wilfer Emily Sycamore Pre Nursing
Wilging Jenna Mansfield Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Williams Jessica Greenwich Physical Therapist Assistant
Williamson Amy Ashland Human Services 
Williamson Melissa Perrysville Nursing
Willie Amy Ashland Physical Therapist Assistant
Wilson-Reece Amanda Lucas Business Management
Wise Dalton Attica Physical Therapist Assistant
Wise Patti Wooster Occupational Therapy Assistant
Witt David Crestline Electrical Maintenance
Wonderly Brandon Galion Criminal Justice Law Enforcement
Worner Jackson Mansfield Business Management
Wurth Lori Mansfield Nursing
Yaussy Erin Lexington Accounting 
Yeager Christopher Mansfield Mechanical Engineering Technology
Zhang Lu Mansfield Pre Nursing
Zinn Larissa Mount Gilead Visual Communication Graphic Design






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