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Dean's List


Click here for Dean's List for part-time students


Criteria for Full-Time Students

The Dean's List for full-time students comes out after each semester

  • 3.50 grade-point average or better for term
  • no grade less than “C-”
  • no incomplete grades or not-reported (NR) grades
  • taking 12 or more credit hours

Students who graduate with a 3.50 grade-point average or better in all courses taken will graduate with honors.


Full-Time Students on Dean's List for Fall Semester 2013

Adams Madison Fredericktown Business Administration AA
Adkins Christina Crestline Early Childhood Education AAS
Allen Emilie Mansfield Paralegal Studies AAB
Allen Raven Mansfield Human Services
Au Steven Mansfield Visual Comunication & Media Tech
Bailey Beatrice Ashland Early Childhood Education AAS
Baker Gabrielle Mansfield Psychology AA
Bartels Kyle Mount Vernon Computer Information Systems
Bauer Adam Lexington Business Management
Bauer Josiah Galion Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Bazley Gavyn Mansfield Criminal Justice
Bennington Emily Lexington Pre Radiologic Sciences
Besenti Anthony Mansfield Electrical Maintenance
Blackford James Mansfield Computer Information Systems
Blust Nicole Mansfield Accounting
Botello Tammy Shelby Pre Nursing
Boyd Angela Mansfield Pre Occupational Therapy Assistant
Brant Brittany Ashland Accounting
Brazie Christine Attica Human Services
Brown Arielle Mansfield Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Brubaker Janelle Plymouth Undeclared
Bub Brenda Willard Human Services
Burgess Victoria Loudonville Undeclared
Carns Sheila Galion Business Management
Carpenter James Mansfield Criminal Justice
Carpenter Sarah Shelby Paralegal Studies AAB
Clamp Kylee Crestline Accounting
Corwin Matthew Mansfield Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Crowe Sheri Mansfield Healthcare Management
Crowl Austin Mansfield Business Management
Cunningham Alyssa Plymouth Business Management
De Witt Meganne Willard Health Services Technology
Delaney Misti Mansfield Criminal Justice
Dixon Hannah Bellville Business Administration AA
Douville Tori Lexington Accounting
Eichhorn Ahlissa Shelby English AA
Eichinger Anna Mansfield Education AA
Elkins Amber Loudonville Technical Studies Major
Elswick Cayci Mansfield Early Childhood Education AAS
Endicott Clinton Mansfield Business Management
Ensman Jessica Mansfield Human Services
Ensman Joshua Shelby Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Ernsberger Bryce Lexington Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Estep Joshua Mansfield Electrical Maintenance
Everly Bobbi Galion Paralegal Studies AAB
Fortney Neil New Washington Mechanical Engineering Technology
Friedman Jordan Lexington Pre Radiologic Sciences
Funk-McGuire Kristen Mansfield Accounting
Gadd Michael Mansfield Human Services
Gallaway Duane Shelby Manufacturing Technology
Gehrisch Brett Mansfield Accounting
George Morgan Bellville Visual Comunication & Media Tech
Gillespie Andi Galion Pre Radiologic Sciences
Gingery Natasha Galion Criminal Justice
Glasener Heather Lucas Undeclared
Gott Joshua Bellville Business Management
Greer Randy Mansfield Computer Information Systems
Griffith Brent Galion Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Gutai Chynna Mansfield Business Administration AA
Hall Trevor Mansfield Human Services
Hamilton Shaquannah Willard Criminal Justice
Hargis Kimberly Greenwich Paralegal Studies AAB
Harris Cory Mansfield Visual Comunication & Media Tech
Hatcher Marvin Galion Electrical Maintenance
Higgins Justin Galion Paralegal Studies AAB
Hinton Kendallyn Ontario General Studies AS
Hlavaty Michael Jeromesville Accounting
Hoeflich Marissa Mansfield Health Services Technology
Hoffer Jesse Lexington Accounting
Hoffman Aaron Shelby Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Hulsmeyer Christopher Bloomville Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Jackenheimer Rebecca Ashland Human Services
Jenkins Angelika Mansfield Pre Occupational Therapy Assistant
Jewell Tyler Ashland Accounting
Johnson Donald Bucyrus Electronic Engineering
Johnson Emily Mt. Gilead Pre Respiratory Therapy
Jones Joshua New Washington Electronic Engineering
Jones Ryan Ashland Pre Nursing
Justice Abigail Loudonville Pre Physical Therapist Asst
Keller Kariann Mansfield Accounting
Kilgore Nicole West Salem Computer Information Systems
King Andrea Bellville Psychology AA
Kinter Richard Nova Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Kintz Miranda New Washington Pre Occupational Therapy Assistant
Kiser Jolene Mansfield Business Management
Kiser Shelly Mansfield Human Services
Kleinknecht Justin Galion Undeclared
Knight Misty Galion Business Management
Koh Sonal Mansfield Pre Nursing
Koontz Johnathan Mt. Gilead Visual Comunication & Media Tech
Kouns Devlin Mansfield Electronic Engineering
Lamb Ashleyjo Shelby Engineering Design
Lambert Teresa Wooster Human Services
Laurent Nickolaus Ashland Undeclared
Lawson Jonathan Shelby Bioscience
Leathers Cassandra Lexington Early Childhood Education AAS
Leber Lydia Monroeville Pre Physical Therapist Asst
Leighty Ian Nashville Accounting
Leighty Timothy Wooster Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Lewis Megan Mt. Gilead Undeclared
Little Stephanie Galion Human Services
Lovelady John Shelby Social Work AA
Lude Crystal Bellville Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Ludwig Megan Mansfield Undeclared
Luna Christine Willard Pre Practical Nursing
Manders Kody Ashland Computer Information Systems
Marcum Daniel Mansfield Education AA
Martin Kendra Ashland Human Services
Mattone Savannah Lexington Education AA
McCartney Bridget Shelby Business Management
McCaskey Tyler Loudonville Respiratory Therapy
McCleese Brandi Bucyrus Early Childhood Education AAS
McKenna Rachel Bellville Criminal Justice
McKibben Ryan Ashland Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Medley Ashley Shelby Respiratory Therapy
Metzger John Shelby Business Administration AA
Miller Lydia Ashland Early Childhood Education AAS
Milliron Megan Crestline Accounting
Mills Seth Mansfield Business Management
Montgomery Christopher Attica Human Services
Montgomery Wyatt Plymouth Business Administration AA
Moran James Ashland Liberal Arts AA
Moyer Zachary Galion Paralegal Studies AAB
Murray Kelly Ashland Bioscience
Napier Sarah Willard Undeclared
Naugle Caleb Butler Undeclared
Nelson Melaina Shelby Electronic Engineering
Nester Elizabeth Mansfield General Studies AS
Nutter Brian Shelby Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Ousley Bryce Willard Criminal Justice
Palmer Michelle Butler Health Services Technology
Papenhausen Vaughn Galion Undeclared
Perry Kylie Mansfield Undeclared
Petrie Haley Shelby Early Childhood Education AAS
Pinney Alexander Mansfield Education AA
Plieninger Justine Mansfield Pre Nursing
Procker Dakota Mansfield Human Services
Proper Caden Millersburg Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Pryor Trevor Bellville Electronic Engineering
Ratliff Hannah Plymouth Psychology AA
Reeder Cody Mansfield Visual Comunication & Media Tech
Rehm Andrew Bucyrus Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Reynolds Sierra Shelby Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Rodriguez Yesenia Galion Criminal Justice
Rogers Danielle Bellville Pre Nursing
Rose-Wallace Ashley Polk Pre Radiologic Sciences
Rush Rosell Mansfield Computer Information Systems
Sallee Sierra Willard Education AA
Schaad Tiffany Lucas Business Management
Schaaf Eric Lexington Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Sciortino Jules Ashland Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Scribner Jeremy Galion Electronic Engineering
Shaffer Jake Ontario Accounting
Shaum Benjamin Mansfield Business Management
Shepherd Hannah Shiloh Pre Nursing
Shepherd Kaitlyn Crestline Pre Nursing
Short Haley Willard Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Smith Cayla Bucyrus Visual Comunication & Media Tech
Smith Matt Mansfield Engineering Design
Smith Shane Mansfield Human Services
Smith Stephanie Crestline Visual Comunication & Media Tech
Sparacio Vito Ashland Bioscience
Spear Alicia Mansfield Bioscience
Stacy Mariah Lucas Business Administration AA
Starkey Driana Ashland Human Services
Steiner Katie Mansfield Paralegal Studies AAB
Stoffer Amber Lexington Liberal Arts AA
Stone Jeremiah Shelby Computer Information Systems
Stone Steven Shelby Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Stoudt Alexa Perrysville Pre Nursing
Strohm Courtney New Washington Business Management
Stuff Amy Galion Paralegal Studies AAB
Swaisgood Richard Ashland Business Management
Swiger Jodie Ashland Health Services Technology
Temple Larry Shiloh Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Tenore Nicholas Willard Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Thomas Melanie Crestline Pre Nursing
Thomas Wesley Mansfield Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Thompson Justin Newark Criminal Justice
Thompson Shannen Mansfield Human Services
Tilton Christina Lucas Business Administration AA
Tobias Kristina Ashland Pre Nursing
Tucker Benjamin Mansfield Electronic Engineering
Tucker Callie Mansfield Undeclared
Van Harlingen Jamie Lexington Criminal Justice
Van Riper Ryan Mansfield Business Management
Viers Melissa Tiro Business Management
Wagner Alexandria Fredericktown Crim. Justice Law Enforcement Option
Wagner Chianne Ashland Pre Nursing
Waits Andrew Bellville Pre Nursing
Wallhead Caitlyn Willard Undeclared
Walterhus Jennifer Bucyrus Business Management
Washburn Becca Mansfield Psychology AA
Webb Brenda Mansfield Criminal Justice
Weinzatl Jackson Sullivan Business Management
Wendling Eric Mansfield Criminal Justice
Weygandt Mark Ashland Computer Information Systems
Whitmore Jennifer Ashland Social Work AA
Williams Amy Ashland Business Management
Williams Cody Willard Undeclared
Williams Jennifer Mansfield Human Services
Williams Spencer Lexington Visual Comunication & Media Tech
Wise Dalton Attica Pre Physical Therapist Asst
Yacoub Akmal Hapster Paralegal Studies AAB
Ye Feng Bucyrus Undeclared
Yoder Julie Ashland Accounting
Zahn Rusty Shelby General Studies AS
Zimmerman Macy Bucyrus English AA
Zolman Brandon Fredericktown Liberal Arts AA



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Criteria for Part-Time Students

The Dean's List for part-time students comes out
once a year after Spring Semester.


  • Earned a total of 12 or more credit hours during the academic year
  • No grade below "C-"
  • Earned a grade-point average of 3.50 or better with no unresolved incomplete grades or not-reported (NR) grades
  • Attended at least two terms during the academic year
  • Did not attend full-time for any term during the academic year


Part-Time Students on Dean's List for Summer Quarter 2012
through Spring Semester 2013






Adams Fortina Mansfield General Studies Assoc. Arts
Adcock Emma Crestline Human Services
Adkins Allissa Ashland Early Childhood Education
Andrade Viviana Willard Human Services
Ashlock Trena Mansfield Nursing
Baker Ronald Galion Human Services
Barnhart Mindy Ashland Radiologic Sciences
Beatty Chelsea Mansfield Pre Occupational Therapy Assistant
Bechtler Stu Mansfield Physical Therapist Asst
Beck Tracie Crestline Physical Therapist Asst
Bigelow Zachary Lexington Engineering Design
Blust Timothy Mansfield Computer Information Systems
Booth Jason Ashland Mechanical Engineering Technology
Bowen Melissa Lexington Occupational Therapy Assistant
Bowles Blake Ashland Criminal Justice Law Enforce. Option
Boyce Adam Mansfield Business Management
Brigham Rebecca Mount Vernon Respiratory Therapy
Broderick Alec Shelby Visual Comunication & Media Tech
Brooks Barthalomew Mansfield Criminal Justice
Burke Casey Dalton Physical Therapist Asst
Burns Jeremy Shelby Criminal Justice
Carroll Jill Mansfield Computer Information Systems
Carroll Rebekah Mansfield Nursing
Childs Lindsey Plymouth Occupational Therapy Assistant
Christie Ryan Mansfield Computer Information Systems
Clem Jillian Lexington Human Services
Clevenger Brianna Galion Respiratory Therapy
Clever-Vermillion Michelle Mansfield Respiratory Therapy
Coffman Abigail Mansfield Undeclared
Collins Megan Mansfield Paralegal Studies
Collins Steven Shelby Computer Information Systems
Conn Kimberly New London College Now-Engineering
Conn Mitch Ashland Criminal Justice Peace Officer's Option
Coole Elizabeth Bellville Nursing
Cox Jeffrey Ashland Electronic Engineering
Cramer Erin Mount Vernon Physical Therapist Asst
Daly Christopher Mansfield Respiratory Therapy
De Witt Meganne Shelby Health Services Technology
Deskins Savannah Lexington Undeclared
Dew Justin Ashland Physical Therapist Asst
Dickens Rosemarie West Salem Accounting
Dornbirer Aaron Bucyrus Criminal Justice
Earhart Sarah Galion Human Services
Ebersole Sarah Shelby Pre Nursing
Eddleblute Kaite Mansfield Finance
Espy Emily West Salem Pre Nursing
Evans Rebecca Big Prairie Physical Therapist Asst
Federer Cameron Ashland Undeclared
Feldman Dianna Mansfield Human Services
Fisher Andrea Wooster Physical Therapist Asst
Fleming Morgan Bellville Pre Nursing
Forbes Brenda Mansfield General Studies Assoc. Science
Fox Heidi Mansfield Human Services
Frazee Ciara Mansfield Pre Occupational Therapy Assistant
Gasper Melissa Mansfield Nursing
Gasser Andrea Creston Physical Therapist Asst
Gayheart Brandi Attica Nursing
Geddes Christopher Lucas Pre Radiologic Sciences
Gehrisch Brett Mansfield Accounting
Gibbs Hugh Gahanna Undeclared
Giess Michael Mansfield Undeclared
Glasgo Paula Mansfield Occupational Therapy Assistant
Gledhill Shelby Crestline Undeclared
Goard Ashley Ashland General Studies Assoc. Arts
Gorrell Chloe Galion Pre Radiologic Sciences
Gottbehuet Audrey Mansfield Early Childhood Education
Gottfried Michelle Galion Undeclared
Greer Dillon Mansfield Criminal Justice Law Enforce. Option
Gregg Sarah Mansfield Undeclared
Hale Monte Plymouth Criminal Justice
Hamm Erin Mansfield Undeclared
Harbaugh Cody Ashland Engineering Design
Hartman Christina Mansfield Accounting
Harvey Samantha Lucas Radiologic Sciences
Headley Jamie Galion Nursing
Hellinger Jason Perrysville Engineering Design
Henderson Brian Ashland Criminal Justice Peace Officer's Option
Henwood Tonya Bellville Human Services
Herrold April Mansfield Occupational Therapy Assistant
Hines Amy Ashland Nursing
Hinton Michelle Mansfield Practical Nursing
Hooks Katie Mansfield Respiratory Therapy
Howard Dakotah Mansfield Human Services
Howman Kyle Ashland Accounting
Hunt Kaylene Lucas Physical Therapist Asst
Husty Samantha Mansfield Nursing
Johnson Sarah Butler Physical Therapist Asst
Jones Melinda Loudonville Physical Therapist Asst
Jones Yvonne Mansfield Human Services
Justice Josiah Loudonville Undeclared
Kapustar Kara Mansfield Nursing
Karbula Joyce Lexington Accounting
Kastelic Denise Ashland Pre Nursing
Kaylor Olivia Shelby Criminal Justice
Keith Jessica Mansfield Business Management
Kelly Darrell Mansfield Criminal Justice
Kelly Paul Lexington Mechanical Engineering Technology
Kenison April Butler Human Services
Kepple Karen Mansfield Human Services
Kern Angela Bellville Accounting
Kettering Emmalea Ashland Pre Physical Therapist Asst
King Russell Galion Pre Occupational Therapy Assistant
Kitchen Keith Bellville Bioscience
Kitzmiller Jason Shelby Criminal Justice Peace Officer's Option
Koch Brittany Mansfield Pre Radiologic Sciences
Kolp Kristin Wooster General Studies Assoc. Arts
Kreisher Daniel Mansfield Business Management
Kuhn Pamela Mansfield Business Management
Layne Nichole Butler Occupational Therapy Assistant
Lee Alesha Mansfield Bioscience
Leis Tatiana Mount Vernon Nursing
Linder Julie Ashland Pre Physical Therapist Asst
Longstreth Paige Galion Pre Nursing
Loucks Vicki Mansfield Accounting
Lozier Shandi Galion Physical Therapist Asst
Luevano Maria Willard Paralegal
Lykins Courtney Mansfield Accounting
Mailloux Jason Ashland Electronic Engineering
McFarren Cassandra Mansfield Pre Radiologic Sciences
McGhee Kirsten Bellville Pre Occupational Therapy Assistant
McWilliams Faun Ashland Nursing
Melton Desma Mansfield Bioscience
Merritt Jera Shelby Business Management
Messmore Pamela Nova Health Services Technology
Mickley Christine Ashland Computer Information Systems
Miller Amanda Shelby Occupational Therapy Assistant
Miller Brian Mansfield Human Services
Miller Jeremy Shiloh Undeclared
Miller Lydia Ashland Early Childhood Education
Montgomery Lisa Shelby Pre Practical Nursing
Moore Kenneth Shelby Electronic Engineering
Morehead Jennifer Galion Nursing
Moreno Maria Mansfield Technical Studies Major
Morey Ashley Crestline Human Services
Mueller Jill Lexington Undeclared
Nell Charles Mansfield Pre Respiratory Therapy
Nichols Owen Mansfield General Studies Assoc. Science
Nicol Jeremy Mansfield Computer Information Systems
Noe Angela Mansfield Paralegal Studies
Olney Ella Ashland Pre Nursing
Owen Karen Mansfield Visual Comunication & Media Tech
Owens Hannah Shelby Digital Media Technology
Patrick Chad Shelby Finance
Patterson Tamara Ashland Pre Radiologic Sciences
Patton Chad Mansfield Technical Studies Major
Paxton Amanda Ontario Criminal Justice
Pfahler Julie Mansfield Human Services
Pfahler Lynn Attica Pre Nursing
Pittenger Teresa Attica Computer Information Systems
Plaster Wendi Plymouth Criminal Justice Peace Officer's Option
Pocock Zachariah Mansfield Pre Nursing
Porter Angela Shiloh Pre Occupational Therapy Assistant
Rader Joy Perrysville Technical Studies Major
Rahn Kourtney Galion Early Childhood Education
Rambo Price Mansfield Computer Information Systems
Reed Ashley Mansfield Pre Physical Therapist Asst
Reed Cody Willard Technical Studies Major
Reeder Candice Galion Nursing
Repp Howard Loudonville Bioscience
Rice Robert Mansfield Computer Information Systems
Robertson Ashley Mansfield Nursing
Rogers Jeremy Plymouth Electronic Engineering
Rome Madeline Mansfield Nursing
Rosich Allyson Mansfield Physical Therapist Asst
Ruckel Cassandra Mansfield Pre Nursing
Rucki Jeannie Crestline Accounting
Ruhl Ashley Lexington Undeclared
Ruhl Morgan Butler Pre Radiologic Sciences
Russell Cheryl Wooster Physical Therapist Asst
Salone Carolyn Mansfield Business Management
Scaggs Miranda Mansfield Human Services
Schmidt Matthew Mansfield Accounting
Schneider Jeremy Galion Manufacturing Technology
Schott Lindsay Bucyrus Occupational Therapy Assistant
Schweitzer Ronald Mansfield Computer Information Systems
Sengsourichanh Katrina Wooster Undeclared
Shaffer Richard Galion Mechanical Engineering Technology
Shenberger Angy Ashland Pre Occupational Therapy Assistant
Shoenfelt Steven Lexington Pre Nursing
Sinha Karisma Shelby Undeclared
Slick Kelly Mansfield General Studies Assoc. Arts
Smith Ashley Shelby Pre Nursing
Smith Cory Bellville Pre Radiologic Sciences
Smith Olivia Lexington Undeclared
Snow Matt West Salem Electronic Engineering
Spangler Scott Shelby Mechanical Engineering Technology
Spear Amber Mansfield Nursing
Speck Craig Galion Occupational Therapy Assistant
Spencer Lisa Galion Accounting
Steele Zackary Smithville Criminal Justice Peace Officer's Option
Stewart Brian Mansfield Respiratory Therapy
Stewart Jessica Bellville Pre Radiologic Sciences
Stinner Jennifer Smithville Physical Therapist Asst
Streeter Katie Bucyrus Practical Nursing
Streff Teresa Mansfield Pre Physical Therapist Asst
Streib Taylor Shelby Mechanical Engineering Technology
Strohminger Cody Lexington Undeclared
Strong Brian Mansfield Human Services
Sullivan Robert Bucyrus Physical Therapist Asst
Temple Stacey Willard Pre Nursing
Them Elizabeth Lexington Physical Therapist Asst
Thompson Mindy Bellville Occupational Therapy Assistant
Trease Nicole Lexington Pre Nursing
Tridico Tabitha Mansfield Occupational Therapy Assistant
Troxel Daniella Burbank Pre Physical Therapist Asst
Tyree Makayla Galion General Studies Assoc. Science
Van Riper Ryan Mansfield Business Management
Volz Elizabeth Mansfield Undeclared
Von Haase Jill Mansfield Human Services
Walp Sierra Shelby Radiologic Sciences
Webb Brenda Mansfield Criminal Justice
Westfall Hannah Ashland Nursing
Wheeler Zachary Mansfield Electronic Engineering
Whited Katherine Fredericktown Pre Physical Therapist Asst
Whitmore Jennifer Ashland Social Work Assoc. Arts
Williams Corrine Shelby Human Services
Willie Amy Ashland Physical Therapist Asst
Wilson Raycene Loudonville Pre Nursing
Wise Brittany Bellville Pre Physical Therapist Asst
Worner Jackson Mansfield Business Management
Wurth Lori Mansfield Pre Nursing
Wyatt Toni Mansfield Human Services
Yeager Christopher Mansfield Mechanical Engineering Technology
Young Brian Mansfield Radiologic Sciences
Zucker Grant Galion Health Services Technology




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