NC State does not offer a degree in Humanities, but does offer a number of Humanities courses to support degree programs:

Art Courses
ART 120 Drawing I 
ART 130 Ceramic I

History Courses
HST 121 US History to 1815
HST 122 US History from 1815 to 1900
HST 123 US History from 1900 to present

Humanities Courses
HUM 110 Introduction to the Humanities
HUM 150 Leadership and the Classics

Philosophy Courses
PHI 120 Great Ideas in Western Civilization
PHI 140 Contemporary Ethical Issues
PHI 160 Legal Aspects Health Care
PHI 170 Science Art & Literature  
PHI 180 Philosophy of Technology 
PHI 190 History of the Future  
PHI 290 Special Topics in Philosophy

Political Science Courses
POL 101 American Politics & Issues


Bachelor's Degree Transfer Options